Sean Paul Gallegos

spg-2ho - sean paul Gallegos.jpg

Sean Paul Gallegos is a visual artist living in Albuquerque, NM who uses discarded consumer goods - in particular, Nike sneakers - to create small, handwoven sculptures and jewelry based on sacred and ancestral objects. Sean Paul will be in Ajo September 16-30, 2018.


Linley Logan

Linley Logan 1.jpg

Linley Logan is a multimedia Seneca artist based in Washington State who will be constructing a large-scale sculpture of a serpent made from recycled plastic jugs, drawing from his native oral tradition and that of other indigenous people, including the Tohono O'odham. Linley will be in Ajo September 16-30, 2018.

Read about one of Linley's recent shows here.

NOTE: we'll be collecting clean, 1-gallon plastic jugs throughout the summer for this project. If you're in Ajo, please donate yours at one of the drop-off boxes in town: Olsen's, the library, the Curley School lobby, Ajo Resale, Loma Bonita/Weyers Residence, or the landfill.


Emma Lindsay

2. Emma Lindsay_ Two Crown of thorns starfish (Lizard Island Research Station)_oil on board_34cm (h) x 34cm (w) - Emma Lindsay.jpg

Dr. Emma Lindsay is coming all the way from Brisbane, Australia. Primarily a painter, she focuses on endangered and extinct species and is coming to Ajo to make work about personal encounters with cactus, plants and animal species that survive in arid desert landscapes. Emma will be in Ajo October 2-16, 2018.


Gregory Spaid

Spaid_G_Image_1 - Gregory Spaid.jpg

Gregory Spaid is an Ohio-based photographer and art professor at Kenyon College who will be working on incorporating Sonoran Desert flora into a series of "environmental portraits" that explore the nature of trees and the influence they have on our lives and on the health of our planet. Greg will be in Ajo October 2-16, 2018.